Security and Defense: interview with the president of COPASIR, sen. Adolfo Urso


"The activity of the Security Information System is subject to the control of the Parliamentary Committee for the Security of the Republic (COPASIR), a bicameral body composed of 5 senators and 5 deputies chosen in such a way as to guarantee the equal representation of the majority and the Oppositions The Committee is chaired by a member of the opposition.

COPASIR systematically and continuously verifies that the activity of the Security Information System is carried out in compliance with the Constitution and the laws, in the exclusive interest and for the defense of the Republic and its institutions. For the exercise of this task, the law has attributed to the Committee incisive powers of control and consultative functions. " (

To understand the state of national security, the related strategies and criticalities, we interview the chairman of the control committee of the Secret Services, sen. Adolfo Urso.