Training course in military matters for young people: we meet the first signatory, Matteo Perego of Cremnago

(To Tiziano Ciocchetti)

Last 27 March, the Chamber of Deputies approved the bill that starts the experimentation of a training course in the military field for young Italians, lasting six months. It passed with a large majority (453 votes in favor, 10 opposed and six abstained). We met the first signatory of the proposed law, the forcist Matteo Perego of Cremnago (at his first Legislature, following photo), a member of the IV Defense Committee of the Chamber.

What were the reasons that led you to present this bill?

The motivation that drove us was to find, in addition to the contribution of the school and the family, another tool to improve the training of young people regardless of what their professional orientation or their course of study might be. Thus arises from the desire to imagine a training path in the armed forces as guardians of values ​​and discipline, difficult to apply in our school system. In our society this process could activate a mechanism of "rebirth" of some fundamental values ​​that the Armed Forces preserve in themselves and that seem to have been lost in current generations.

Why do you think these values ​​have been lost?

While living in an age where well-being is not so widespread, new generations are no longer educated in sacrifice and respect for traditional values. My generation has grown up with a different mindset than the current one, in respect of the institutions and key figures that are part of it, such as teachers. The advent of social networks has drastically changed the way new generations communicate, contributing to the decay of the founding elements of our society.

Do you think that school is no longer sufficient to fulfill this role?

Our school, which has always been our pride, is no longer sufficient to stem this degradation. Episodes of parents attacking, bullying the teachers' body in defense of their children makes us understand that we have reached the limit. The prerogative of this bill is to bring young people back to a world where there are still rules, well-defined values ​​and to instill the concepts of discipline, merit and competence.

Why should a young person, on a voluntary basis, accept this type of training?

I have a romantic idea: even if only one young person out of ten decides to take this path, he would certainly have a positive and virtuous impact on the environment that surrounds him, his microhabitat.

How will this training course be financed, given the continuous cuts to the Defense Budget?

The funds allocated to the Ministry of Defense will not be used but the MEF reserve fund will be used. To start the experimental phase of the path, a figure of one million euros will be allocated.

How will the itinerary be organized?

The organization of the training course will be held by the CASD who will carry out a feasibility study to identify the most appropriate locations for carrying out the activities. We leave complete autonomy to the Major States in defining the best path for these young people without any political interference, equating their legal status with that of the students in the first year of military academies.

Have the military played a fundamental role in the realization of this proposal?

If the military had given a negative opinion the law would have run aground. In this specific case it is the policy that leans on the Armed Forces for the realization of the project.

What benefits are recognized to participants?

Although no remuneration is provided, 12 CFU is recognized at the University level.

Furthermore, without prejudice to the provisions of Art. 674 paragraph 1 of the Code of the Military Order, referred to in the Legislative Decree of 15 March 2010 n. 66, participation in this training course is a qualification that can be assessed for the purpose of appointment as a complement officer.

For those who are not university students?

From the point of view of the citizen, who undertakes this project, I am enriched by an experience within the Armed Forces, coming into contact with the Defense industry, furthermore I will learn about Cyber ​​Security.

What are the requirements to access the training course?

Age between 18 and 22 years;

Enjoy Italian citizenship;

Enjoy civil rights;

Do not have a criminal record.

To access the course, psycho-aptitude tests will be administered directly by the Ministry of Defense.

Is this training not in opposition to citizenship income?

The Party I represent has always been very critical of this maneuver by the 5 Stars. This training is useful, proactive while the citizenship income is an assistentialist maneuver that mortifies young people by giving a "State tip" without giving work and growth to the new generations.

How will the questions be carried out to access the training course?

The Ministry of Defense will define the rules of "engagement" and the selection criteria. The voluntary component and the selection criterion will eliminate the danger of inserting demotivated young people.

What is the winning weapon of this project?

The military discipline and the study of what is the mission of the Armed Forces, their values ​​and the operational component. If a natural disaster should occur, such as an earthquake, these young people would be able to put into practice the typical procedures for safeguarding citizenship.

In my opinion, only those with a myopic vision do not know the value of the military instrument. Our country, due to its strategic position in the Mediterranean, will have to acquire a leadership role as it deserves through international relations and geopolitical frameworks.

Whoever takes this route will enter into the heart of the Armed Forces and in their real nature. I wrote this law because I recognize its importance in our society. My primary intention is to give a "piece" of this world to young people to support the Armed Forces.

In France and in the United States, regardless of the political direction, there is a great sense of pride towards their Armed Forces, unlike what happens unfortunately in Italy where few are nourishing these feelings.

Photo: US Army / Online Defense