Interview with Eng. Gino Salica: China is once again an empire. Business, geopolitics and security

(To David Rossi)

Many years spent with ENI digging oil wells around the world, a company whose Board of Directors “weighs” as much and more than a ministry in Italy and knows about geopolitics often more than the owner of the Farnesina.

The collaboration based on trust with the Tod's group and Diego Della Valle, someone who knows geo-economics like few others, capable of opening over 400 stores around the world in recent years.

The experience in sport, as president of Florentia Viola / Fiorentina, which still today allows him not to go unnoticed at least between the Lungarni and the Florentine monuments.

The experience as a consultant for Italian companies in the People's Republic of China, which enriched him with knowledge but kept him the ability to judge in a cold and disenchanted way a country, China in fact, which in the last twenty years has not ceased to amaze him .

Now, however, as our interviewee Gino Salica says, it's time to see Beijing for what it is: a geopolitical colossus and not just an economic opportunity. Who knows if European politicians will be equally lucid?