Undersecretary of Defense on. Raffaele Volpi: the right man on the wrong step?

(To Andrea Cucco)

Do we need to be prepared to be at the top of our armed forces? It is undoubtedly desirable, however the last 9 months have shown that the supposed competence of the defense minister without its political weight is absolutely useless, if not harmful.

The soul of the Under Secretary who we have met seems to possess two characteristics: humility and perseverance.

According to the many testimonies collected among friends and fellow citizens in uniform, the Volpi is a man who takes care of the hard, does not stop at words and, more than anything, loves to know and deepen what he does not understand or does not know. From the first contact last year, time has passed. I leave the last word as always to the readers, however to meet again the undersecretary has surprised. Positively.

Good vision!

Images: Online Defense