60 years of aviation and aviation of the marshal chosen Leandro Pompei

(To Andrea Cucco)

Why do you choose to pursue a military career? Today the most obvious answer is for salary, for a job less precarious than others, in times - whatever may be said! - dark and uncertain horizons.

I have never met a career soldier who, though full of "scars", has not described with satisfaction the choice to put his life at the service of the country. Never a regret and, often, the gaze turned to that particular period, to that mission, to that moment in which unique experiences were experienced.

So I don't think it is possible that the long-term motivation of a soldier is mainly economic, it may seem so at first, hardly in the long run.

A few days ago I had the pleasure of exchanging a few words with a man who lived for forty years in the uniform of the Air Force and another twenty in the field of aviation. The warrant officer Leandro Pompei, close to his 80th birthday, has agreed to tell his experience. A choice he would make again, a life that it would start all over again.

Good vision!