Elections 2018: "Out of NATO, military service and nuclear weapons", interview with Simone Di Stefano (CasaPound)

(To Andrea Cucco)

We believe Italy is still the North Star for anyone who wears or has worn (with honor) a uniform. Today we host an interview with a politician who probably believes in that horizon more than most of the military (experience has a cost ...): Simone Di Stefano, leader of CasaPound. The ideas on Defense are sometimes decidedly "original" and certainly not immune from perplexity in the listener ... however they seem sincere, heartfelt, lived.

The program on the Defense of CasaPound provides for the exit from NATO?

We consider it an anachronistic organization that no longer safeguards national interests. Unfortunately!

When we find ourselves allies who are against our strategic interests, we can not help but notice that the needs on which NATO was born no longer exist.

Final exit or "rescheduling" of the participation?

I don't think there is room for discussion. At a time when the Alliance was unable to protect Italy's interests, such as the recent affront by Turkey or the lack of defense of our military in the affair of the marines with India, it has been shown that our country is castrated and held in an enclosure where nothing matters. As CasaPound we instead want to count. We must intervene, even militarily, in countries for us as strategic as Libya. NATO has obviously no interest in protecting us.

Competitor nations that go against our interests, like England, France and Turkey, see each other well from coming out of the Alliance ...

I know. We could therefore also change strategic partners. Why not think with others? I'm thinking of Russia ...

In your program I read "extending cooperation to the east". Is not Russia therefore the threat that is described in the West?

We do not believe it is a threat and we appreciated the behavior in the Syrian chessboard.

Having to protect interests in the Mediterranean and in Africa. We should therefore be able to reason freely with a partner that is not only potentially military but also energetic.

You mentioned Syria. We have been there on several occasions, noting a reality described different from the one told.

We have appreciated the consistency with which Russia has helped Syria in times of need. Nations should go back to being free. Our current "allies" will never grant us that independence.

What is your opinion in Libya?

We should intervene with a real peace mission. Helping them to rebuild a country sovereign.

What are the most urgent interventions for Italian Defense?

Increase public spending dedicated to the military apparatus. We have also lost positions in aeronautics in recent years ...

We have many soldiers in numerous operating theaters. We should choose more carefully where to send them.

Propose also the restoration of the lever.

Absolutely. At the end of the 18 year everyone should leave for a year of compulsory leverage that can also result in civil service. The distance from the municipality of residence should however be at least 400 kilometers. I speak of real military service, with a complete and effective training. The lever had previously become a useless "parking" for thousands of young people.

Women should then wear the uniform in a separate body.


Yes. To avoid misunderstandings.

Did you do military service?

Yes. In times when the law provided for it to be carried out not far from the municipality of residence. For this I would like one that imposes 400 kilometers "from the" municipality of residence.

They sent me to Rome to act as a splinter in a barracks bar when I applied to be a paratrooper. The request had been accepted, however, having been given the service in the parà to the volunteers in short stops, I ended up in Rome to make the cappuccinos. An experience that left a bitter taste in my mouth.

The naia was an experience to do near the residence and at five we left the barracks to go home and then again to sleep in the barracks. A mess not to be repeated.

We would like a serious service with perhaps periodic references on a Swiss model.

Well, you have experienced a glimpse of important defense: at the bar of a barracks they feel they are cooked and raw ...

At the bar of a barracks you learn what does not work. Above all if in a barracks in Rome.

A year of military should be a year of "military activity". It outsources everything. You could leave the management to an external company and employ us of the X ° Nomentano in serious training. More than ten months to make cappuccinos!

A positive memory of that period is not there?

The solemn oath at Fano and the 18 shots fired at the shooting range. 18 centers ...

In the program you also talk about eliminating limits to weapon systems: from aircraft carriers to nuclear weapons!

We can not always be limited compared to other "allied" nations. La Cavour is beautiful, beautiful, we are proud of it, but we need a real aircraft carrier!

We should also have a nuclear tactical armament to have the right place in the world.

They are weapon systems that presuppose a solid basic military structure and above all many, many, many funds.


It is quite challenging to develop nuclear weapons ...

The idea that such a program can be implemented is fundamental. If we are a free nation, we can.

In our economic program there is monetary sovereignty: a central bank, budget sovereignty, the possibility to print paper money. We export advanced weapon systems everywhere. We can technologically aspire to such a result.

A nation that produces nuclear weapons obviously also goes for the adoption of nuclear facilities. That is also in our program.

To conclude, why should a soldier vote for CasaPound?

Because it is the only political movement with an idea of ​​the State and of the Nation that reflects the desire to sacrifice itself for the homeland present in many young people. The military still believe in these values.

There are many men in uniform disappointed by political and military leaders. But they are Italians who still hope for the ideals and spirit with which they have enlisted.

CasaPound is the only one to talk about "sovereign nation", free and mistress of its own destiny.

We would also like an effective representation of the military world to bring to the attention of politics what really works and what's wrong. I do not want to use the term "union", but it must be reformed.

We also imagine a soldier at the helm of the Ministry of Defense. Enough with the old ladies of the five o'clock tea! The European defense ministers' meetings seem to be a meeting point for the bridge club.

"Military" should return to be synonymous with "martial".