Caio Mussolini: “protecting the national interest is seen as a wrong, if not 'fascist', attitude. Total madness! "

(To Andrea Cucco)

One thing I have learned in recent life is to no longer stop at appearances, whether they are represented (or boasted) by a party or that foolishly stop at a name.

The candidate for the next European championships with the Brothers of Italy Caio Mussolini has no previous political experience but decades of career behind him, in the military and civilian fields.

We meet him a warm afternoon in Rome ...

Commander Mussolini, has significant professional experience to his credit. Let's start with the one in our armed forces: what memories do you have of life in uniform?

I left my family in Venezuela to serve my country, for my country's sake. At the beginning, the Academy was very heavy because I came from abroad and I was not used to certain pressures. But thanks to these harshness I learned what it means to sacrifice oneself for one's country. Then I chose to be a submariner, in honor of the great deeds of the Second World War.

How would you define the Italian military?

We have realities of excellence, individuality of absolute global value, and our millennial generosity that has always distinguished us.

Unfortunately, a conscious political guide is missing: we do not want to let people know outside what our military really does, because of an old hypocrisy that we carry with us from the First Republic. And then we need better equipped troops. In short, politics should do much more. 

In your opinion, the election shootings of these last few months, how are they experienced by those who serve the country?

This government is pursuing the goal of demilitarizing the armed forces. From "dual use" to certain jokes from flower children, not to mention Minister Trenta's ballets, it is a continuous lack of respect for those who have served and serve the Fatherland. In no other country in the world does the Minister of Defense go around doing ballets. Not to mention the jokes of the Premier that offend all our fallen for the Fatherland.

We hope this page won't last long.  

Let's go back to his career, manager of important companies ...

I ended my military experience with the Command. I thought it was logical to continue to make a contribution to my country. Obviously in the Defense sector, where I could best use my background.

I started in Oto Melara as Area Manager for Naval Systems in South America and the Middle East. And then the experience at Finmeccanica, where I opened the office in the United Arab Emirates. From there I coordinated all the activities of the companies of the group. Unfortunately, the experience at Finmeccanica ended with the arrival of Mauro Moretti as AD: he was a political choice that did not help the company. And that Leonardo still pays today.

The arms industry could affect many points of GDP. Do you think Italy has a position in the international defense market worthy of its potential?

We have companies that are very good, but not very competitive globally. The Lega-M5S government cut the funds, due to a certain anti-militarism grillino tolerated by the Northern League.

The defense industry is a driving force for research, innovation and innovation. Few people know that only in the South does this sector have about 10.000 employees!

What will you do in Europe?

In Europe, the future of defense companies will be at stake. At the European level there will be Community programs with Community funds. And the Franco-German axis risks damaging our national interests. As a European parliamentarian I will push to join the Defense sub-commission, where there will be a lot of work to do for our companies and our country.

For too many years a certain hairy Europeanism of our representatives in Brussels has not protected Italy. Let's just think of Mogherini. France and Germany are pro-Europeans only if Europe defends their interests.

What is the National Interest for you? The other European countries seem to know him well ...

It is curious, only in Italy to protect the national interest is seen as a wrong attitude, if not "fascist". Total madness!

We must defend our large and strategic state-owned companies, we must defend our sphere of influence in the Mediterranean and start looking for alternative alliances to face the Franco-German power.

While the left wants to dissolve Italy in that bureaucratic monster of Brussels. Our flag will always be tricolor.

(In the opening photo Caio Mussolini in the midst of raiders at the time of service in the Navy)