Webinar (free!) On "smart working"

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Sigma Consulting, a company that develops solutions high tech mainly for aerospace, defense and ICT, and the Gangi Law Firm, specialized in business consultancy, organized a webinar on smart working, with a focus on high-tech companies.

Lo smart working which, in recent years, was taking the first, timid, steps in the Italian economy, also thanks to the introduction of law 81/2017 (defined as "agile work", pursuant to art. 18 of law 81) became, in March of 2020, overwhelmingly the reality for almost the majority of Italian workers following the Covid-19 pandemic.

The well-known dpcm of 8 March 2020 has raised it, as far as possible, to the rule for most Italian workers but it did not (nor could it) provide an answer to the problems it does smart working raises for business: protection of the well-being of the worker (right to disconnect) and business efficiency; protection of know-how business, especially for high-tech companies, in the presence of workers who access databases remotely through home networks, with all the related problems of cybersecurity; preparation of contracts and / or forms to be provided to the worker in the light of the legislation on labor law and privacy (GDPR).

The webinar aims to provide an answer to the issues highlighted, with particular reference to issues of interest to companies operating in the high technology sector, which naturally are of strategic interest for the Italian system.

The speakers, each in the context of their roles and / or professionalism, have operated or provided advice to high technology companies (aerospace, defense and ICT): the webinar, in addition to taking stock of the smart working pre and post Covid-19, is characterized by a focus on the protection of know-how company (remote access to company databases).

Program of THURSDAY 26 NOVEMBER h15:00-16:00 

"FRAMEWORK of SMART WORKING PRE and POST COVID19: General Overview and Right to Disconnect"

(Speech: Dr. Marco Miceli)

“SMART WORKING AND SECURITY OF CORPORATE KNOW-HOW: Theoretical Profiles and Application Solutions for high-tech companies”.

(Speech: Ing. Carlomagno Simotti)

"APPLICABLE LAW AND CONTRACTS: compliance checklist and information on smart working"

(Speech: lawyer, LL.M. Paolo Maria Gangi)

Moderator: Dr. Maria Grazia Labellarte (International geopolitics and cybersecurity analyst)

Participation in the webinar is absolutely free.

You can register from the following link, by filling out the relative formathttps://www.sigmaconsulting.it/it/notizie/smart-working/

Photo: US Navy