Friday at 14.00 pm "Atlas Cheetah: the long flight of the South African 'flying cheetah'"

(To Staff)

Developed during the 80s and early 90s from the lessons learned during the bloody war in Angola, the Cheetah (Cheetah) represented a milestone for South Africa on the road to military self-sufficiency.

Originally intended as an "interim fighter" in anticipation of the entry into service of the futuristic Atlas Carver, Cheetah proved to be so handsome that he became the real "handyman" of the SAAF (South African Air Force) and the undisputed ruler of the skies of southern Africa for over two decades before being reborn to new life in the American continent where he continues to fly with unexpected success.

Friday 7 October at 14.00 pm in a new episode of "Single Use" (facebook and Youtube channels of Online Defense), the section dedicated to weapon systems, we will learn with Andrea Gaspardo the genesis, the development in the different variants and the operational history of a little-known aircraft but appreciated by many pilots, both of the time and today.

See you there!

Photo: SAAF - Dean Wingrin / US Navy