Friday 9 December at 21.00 “Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausf. And Tiger I: The Tank”


Probably the most famous tank of the Second World War and of history in general, the Tiger i it was the living representation of both Hitler's megalomania and the triumph of the German engineering spirit.

Entering service at the end of 1942, until about mid-1944 the Tiger I proved impervious to almost all the anti-tank weapons in service with the Allied and Soviet forces, earning a formidable reputation among enemy tank crews and an almost divine aura in the Axis propaganda.

Friday 9 December at 21.00, in the episode of Single Use, we will talk with Andrea Gaspardo of the History of the Tiger I heavy tank, of the origins of the project, of the vehicles derived from it and of its operational service from its introduction to the inevitable bloody end with a particular look at the deeds of the Panzerwaffe aces, framed both in the ranks of the Wehrmacht and among those of the Waffen-SS.

See you there!