Friday 3 February at 14.00 Single Use "Leopard 2: the pillar of the German armored forces"


Developed in the 70s from the equally successful Leopard 1, Leopard 2 it became the mainstay of the German armored forces, later configuring itself as a great commercial success on the European continent and beyond. Long mythologized as one of the best tanks currently in service in the world, its fame has been partially tarnished by the poor performance given by the Leopard 2 Turks during clashes in Syria against ISIS and Kurdish militias.

Despite everything, like any weapon system (self-respecting...), it has continued in its constant development by treasuring the "lessons learned".

Will there be more?

Friday 3 February at 14.00pm, in the light of the upcoming move to Ukraine, we will analyze with Andrea Gaspardo the technical characteristics of the vehicle and if and how it could make a difference in the local operating theatre.

See you there!

Photo: Bundeswehr