Friday 20 at 14.00 "MIM-104 Patriot: the tactical anti-aircraft and anti-missile system of the United States of America"


Developed during the 70s in response to the evolving threat posed by increased Soviet tactical aviation capabilities to American and NATO ground forces in Western Europe, over the course of forty years of service the MIM-104 Patriot has progressively seen its capabilities increase until it becomes a real "dual use" system, anti-aircraft and anti-missile at the same time.

Although its operational employment in the past has been fiercely debated, nevertheless the Patriot it still represents the irreplaceable pillar of the tactical anti-aircraft and anti-missile defenses of the USA and several other countries and will remain so for the next few years.

In this new installment of Single use, Friday 20 January at 14.00, thanks to Andrea Gaspardo, we will talk about the MIM-104 Patriot, of the developed versions and of its use in war with an eye to its no longer so hypothetical deployment in the Russo-Ukrainian War.

See you there!

Photo: US Army