Friday 2 June at 18.00 "Classe Lupo: the turning point in post-war Italian shipbuilding"


Units born badly, almost  gap fillers operating in an exhausted navy and with many aspects of welfare for a shipyard on the verge of collapse, marked - with the intuition of a few and a troubled birth - a turning point, both nationally and internationally.

On the one hand, the possibility of adopting a credible deterrent, a sort of capital ships on a smaller scale, by emerging countries, on the other hand, the competitive debut of Italian shipbuilding, with a double generational leap thanks to the mass-production of units with modules pre-fitted out in the workshop and reduced occupation of the slipways.

A successful combination is born: shipbuilding-user integration (with the Italian Navy). A winning result also on foreign markets...

We'll talk about it Friday 2 June at 18.00 together witheng. Gian Carlo Poddighe (former naval engineering officer and industrial manager with experience in international JVs) et al commander Renato Scarfi, former helicopter pilot of the Navy.

We are waiting for you!

Photo: Marina Military