Friday 17th at 21.00pm "Unquestionable defence: to the force!"


The recent reform of trade union representation for military personnel in Italy has introduced important changes, allowing for the first time the formation of trade union associations within the Armed Forces and Military Police Forces, including the Carabinieri and the Financial Police.

The transformation has originated, in particular, from law no. 46 of 2022 which, following a ruling by the Constitutional Court, establishes the legality of trade union associations for the first time. Until that moment, the Military Order Code (COM) did not allow this possibility, for historical and political reasons, recognizing only the representative associations that were institutionally part of the military organization, Cocer, Cobar and Coir which now cease their functions .

The presence of trade union associations, now foreseen by law also for armed forces and police forces which remain fully military, is a significant change: the military world follows, almost fifty years later, that of the civil police forces, for which the 'long march' towards unionization ended in the early 1980s (link).

After meeting, with the new column "Unquestionable defense", the new representatives of the Navy, Army and Air Force, Friday 17 May at 21.00 pm we meet those of the Carabinieri.

We invited representatives of: Italian Carabinieri military union (SIM CC), Italian Carabinieri Trade Union Union (USIC), Carabinieri union planet together (PSC together), Carabinieri trade union association (WEAPON), New Carabinieri Union (NSC), Carabinieri unitary union (SIUL CC) and Associated Joint Forces Military Union (USMIA)

See you there!

Photo: Carabinieri weapon