Friday 17 at 14.00, Single Use: "The limelight of Iranian drones"


The recent events of the last months of the Russo-Ukrainian War have overwhelmingly brought to the attention of experts and the general public the role of Iranian drones.

Long maligned as nothing more than inoffensive playthings featuring performance artfully inflated by the country's official propaganda, Iranian drones of all categories are instead proving to be fearsome weapons with technical characteristics that are not at all primitive so much so that they have carved out a prominent place in the military strategies of Iran (and its proxies!) and now also of Russia.

In this new installment of Single use, with Andrea Gaspardo, we will explore the diverse world of Iranian drones (target drones, UAVs, UCAVs, circuit munitions), their origins, their technical characteristics and the role they play in the modern battlefields.

All with an eye to what their future developments could be.

See you there!