Friday April 14 at 15.00: "Rheinmetall Lynx, the best infantry fighting vehicle in the world?"


Developed in recent years by Rheinmetall as a rival to the IFV Puma, Lynx it was not adopted by the German army but, thanks to its characteristics and operational ductility, it has all the credentials to become a widely used means of transport in the coming years, especially among the ranks of the Armed Forces of countries that are determined to give the right priority to the defense sector.

Offered in several configurations, the Lynx owes its strength to the fact that it is a real operating platform subject to infinite updates in the coming decades; one of the reasons that have already led Hungary to choose him as a "workhorse" for their mechanized infantry.

Friday 14th April at 15.00pm, in a new episode of "Single Use", we will talk with Andrea Gaspardo of the IVF Rheinmetall Lynx, of the history, of the project, of the technical characteristics and of the possible future (also Italian?) of the vehicle on which - probably - every soldier on a mission would prefer to survive.