Friday 12 November at 18.00 pm presentation of the book "Escape from Kabul" in Turin

(To Staff)

During the field experience - well four missions in Afghanistan immediately after 11 September and until 2016 - General Giorgio Battisti was able to fully understand the reality of a key region for global geopolitics.

The withdrawal from Afghanistan is an epochal event that lends itself and will lend itself to extensive analyzes and discussions in the coming months and years, as happened for Vietnam after the fall of Saigon. But motivating or understanding this failure is by no means simple.

Battisti and the journalist Germana Zuffanti offer the reader an in-depth and critical look at the reality of Afghanistan and the new Taliban leadership.

Starting from the history of the country and thanks to a privileged point of view, the reasons for the military disaster are narrated, the salient facts of the creation of the Afghan state until the summer of 2021 and what to expect from this indomitable country and refractory to international interference.

Presentation of the book on Friday 12th at 18.00

Allegro Italy Golden Palace Hotel

Via dell'Arcivescovado, 18 (near Porta Nuova Station) - Torino