Friday 10 February at 21.00 "Quantum Threat: new threat to National Security"


There is a threat on the horizon. It has been looming for some time. And our country must not afford to ignore it...

Massimo Giulietti e John Schimd, mathematicians and researchers - as well as respectively vice president and coordinator of theNational Cryptographic Association “De Componendis Cifris” - will introduce us to the themes of Quantum Threats, Post-Quantum Cryptography, as well as on the initiatives of our country in the international context in relation to quantum threat.

But what is encryption?

What is meant by "quantum threat"?

Can cryptographic systems resistant to quantum computers be studied?

What are the latest innovations?

How important is cryptography in the defense sector?

We will connect with them Friday 10 February at 21.00, during a new episode of Difesa ON AIR.

See you there!

Photo: IBM