Friday 1 July at 14.00 pm "F-14: the mighty (bisonic) cat of the Shah of Persia"


On January 24, 1976, 3-6001 and 3-6002, the first two F-14s Tomcat destined for Iran, they reached their destination starting an epic that continues today.

In over 46 years of service under the banner ofImperial Aviation of Iran before andAviation of the Islamic Republic of Iran then, the F-14s established themselves as the best interceptors in the Middle East, successfully fighting the longest conventional war of the twentieth century and still constituting the fundamental pillar of their country's air defenses today.

Friday 1rd July at 14.00am, in a new episode of the series "Single use”, We will speak with our analyst and weapon systems expert Andrea Gaspardo of the legend of F-14 of the Iranian Air Force, of the characteristics that allowed Grumman's mighty twin-engines to dominate the Middle Eastern skies in prohibitive conditions and of the men who led them into battle against preponderant enemy forces.

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