VAE VICTIS (tonight at 21.00): "Demography and Power"

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The pope and the prime minister have sounded an alarm on the Italian population decline. In particular, President Draghi stressed that "in 2020 only 404.000 children were born, the lowest number since the unification of Italy and almost 30 percent less than ten years ago. Also in 2020, the difference between births and deaths hit a negative record: 340.000 fewer people. Today half of Italians are at least 47 years old: the highest median age in Europe. An Italy without children is an Italy that does not believe and does not plan. It is slowly destined to age and disappear ".

What is the importance of demographics in geopolitical analysis?

Two historical cases: Sparta and Rome.

Israel and Palestine, the strength of numbers.

Over the past 50 years, the world population has doubled. Will it be the same in the next 150 years?

Inescapable sad fate of Italy?

We'll talk about it tonight at 21.00 live in the address book Vae victis.