VAE VICTIS (SUNDAY 21 AT 20.30): "The weapons of the largest army in history"

(To David Rossi)

Dear readers, Sunday 21 February at 20.30 we will inaugurate "VAE VICTIS", a new cycle - every 3 weeks - of videos live on topics of Military History.

The first episode will deal with the weapons and equipment of the soldier of ancient Rome, in different historical periods. We will do it with an informal and informal style that we hope you will enjoy. For this purpose, we offer you the opportunity to interact with the guest, whom many of you already know and whom we keep secret for now, by sending us a question to the email

The most interesting questions about gladius, shield, pilum etc. of the most powerful and glorious army man in history will be placed to the "expert" in the name of our reader (if he will tell us his name, of course).

Contact us by Saturday 20 to 20.00!

Follow us and send your comments: the most interesting will be read in subsequent episodes.

Photo: Defense Online