VAE VICTIS (Sunday 14 at 20.30): "Who were the greatest leaders and tacticians of the ancient age?"

(To David Rossi)

Dear readers, Sunday 14 March at 20.30, three weeks after the meeting with Roberto Trizio, popularizer and expert on Roman civilization, our historical-geopolitical column "Vae Victis" will return.

The second episode will deal with a question: "who were the greatest leaders and tacticians of the ancient age?". We will do it with the informal and informal style of the first episode and with a guest, who for the moment we prefer not to reveal but who - we believe - will be very welcome. For this purpose, we offer you the opportunity to interact with the editorial staff and with the guest, by sending us a question to the email, the most interesting on the great generals of the historical period which ends in 476 AD they will be put to the "expert" in the name of our reader (if he wants to indicate it, of course).

Write to us by Saturday 13!

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