Eleventh Edition of the Azzarita Prize


On Saturday evening, in Molfetta, in the Achille Salvucci auditorium of the Diocesan Museum, the eleventh edition of the Azzarita Prize was held, an award dedicated to journalism and publishing organized by the study center dedicated to the Molfetta journalist Leonardo Azzarita.

Strenuous defender of freedom of the press, in his long career he was general director of ANSA.

This year, among the prizes, Antonio Ciccolella, an engineer from Molfetta, one of the faces of Ase, the European Space Agency, was in the Institution section.

He graduated in Turin in electronic engineering with a specialization in electromagnetism, he received his doctorate in electronic engineering and on relations built during his military service Antonio worked on his own for various orders, such as the design of an 60 KW antenna to verify the 'immunity of military vehicles to electromagnetic fields, to the study of the optimal positioning of UHF and L-band antennas for the MRCA aircraft (Tornado), cross section radar calculation and radar response simulations for self-propelled.

In 1988 he was hired by Aeritalia (today Thales Alenia Space). In the 1991 Antonio Ciccolella wins the public competition at the European Space Agency (ESA) as an electromagnetism engineer, participating directly in space projects such as Artemis, Cluster, Columbus, Rosetta, Galileo, etc. 

With him were also awarded Attilio Romita, editor-in-chief of Tg3 Puglia, in the Puglia journalists section at national level (last year it was the turn of Antonio Caprarica). Raffaele Nigro and just the Lucan journalist and writer will be honored with a career award, passionate about local history, is the author of novels, essays and anthologies.

For the professions section, the daughter of comedian Lino Banfi, Rosanna, actress and testimonial of the campaign against cancer is awarded.

Daniela De Chirico

(photo of the author)