Seafuture 2021: Italian tenacity and pride

(To Andrea Cucco)

With one year of delay due to Pandemic, from 28 September to 1 October, the seventh edition of Seafuture.

The event represents a milestone in the exit from the Italian cultural quartomondoism in terms of Defense and related Industry.

As announced a few weeks ago at the presentation press conference, given the growing foreign participation, the event will acquire the rank of “international fair” from the next appointment. At this edition there are already 200 companies and 50 Marines.

"Sometimes the winner is simply a dreamer who never gave up" - Jim Morrison said, in our case the recognition goes to a dreamer, Cristiana Pagni, organizer of the event who for over a decade has been fighting to offer the country international dignity. The same emphasizes: "The idea behind Seafuture is that the sea is part of the future of this nation. We are proud of the fact that we are contributing to the growth of this culture".

"I would like to consider it as a starting point for the country system", said the chief of staff of the Navy, Adm. Dragon cable. Given the announced presence of the highest authorities, starting with the Minister of Defense Lorenzo Guerini, we hope that the same, in addition to dealing with economy of the sea, dual-use and other "easy" terms, realize that Italy occupies a ridiculous position with respect to the potential offered by the international market. Tens and tens of billions ... left to others. Out of sloth or cowardice?

we at Online Defense we will be in La Spezia. We are waiting for you!