Saturday 4 March at 18.00 Single Use "Maestrale: a successful unit class"


Laid down from the end of the 70s and entered into service between 1982 and 1985, the units of the class Mistral have met the specifications issued by the Navy for new escort units. With increased capabilities in anti-submarine warfare and point defense through the doubling of sonar, helicopters and torpedoes and the adoption of a rechargeable anti-aircraft missile launcher they have served the country for almost 40 years.

These ships, fast and manoeuvrable, still represent an irreplaceable element in naval operations today, ranking among the least armed corvettes and the most equipped destroyers.

When did the need arise for the new naval class?

What are the features?

What was and what is today a "frigate"?

What was the operational history of the Maestrale class?

We will delve into the matter Saturday 4 March at 18.00 in a new "Single Use" together with the admirals Fernando Cerutti (a leading ASW expert) e Andrea Mucedola.

See you there!

Photo: Marina Military