Saturday 11 at 15.00 SINGLE USE: Sukhoi Su-35S: the “Supreme Flanker”


The Russo-Ukrainian War and the Russian intervention in the Syrian Civil War cemented the reputation of the Sukhoi Su-35S, the last large aircraft of the “Flanker” series.

Developed from the experience gained with the Sukhoi Su-27M and the Sukhoi Su-37 "Terminator", as well as the other aircraft of the successful family, the Su-35S represents (pending the entry into service of the Su-57) the best available to the Russian Air Force.

Originally intended as a pure air superiority fighter capable of dominating both WVR and BVR combat, over its two decades of development the “Supreme Flanker” has evolved into a true “omnirole” able, first and only case in the history of V-VS, to carry out air combat and ground attack missions simultaneously.

Saturday 11 March at 15.00pm, in a new episode of Single use, thanks to Andrea Gaspardo, we will talk extensively about the Sukhoi Su-35S, its origins, technical characteristics and use in warfare by Russian pilots over the skies of the Middle East and Ukraine until today.

Photo: Russian Federation MoD