Tonight at 21.30 Defense ON AIR: "The war and its consequences on the Army"

(To Andrea Cucco)

Up until 9 months ago, at an institutional level, one could afford (albeit with criticism from some newspapers) to filter terms such as: war, battle, "warfighting" training, combat vehicle...

Today it is no longer acceptable. The Army has long indulged in political orientations - linked to hypersensitivity, electoral fear if not outright ignorance - which refused to see men in uniform as Soldiers.

Since February 24, the world has changed and the Army, in particular, underfunded for decades (!) must catch up quickly.

Can the Italian political rhetoric, to which we are accustomed, effectively compensate for a real emergency?

What are the major criticalities?

What tools can help an entire armed force?

The president of Army Study Center, general Salvatore Farina, has organized the conference for November 30th “SI VIS PACEM... Reflections on the Conflict in Ukraine”. The intent is to explain to the Italians and their new representatives the situation of the land component of the Defense.

We interview him tonight at 21.30 to get advances on the results of the work of the Think Tank who presides and personal considerations on the ongoing conflict.

See you there!