Tonight at 21.30 "Andrea Costantino: What happened to him? Did he get justice for the torture he suffered?"


Andrea Costantino: 15 months in prison in inhumane conditions - undergoing physical and psychological torture - followed (thanks to the intervention of the President of the Republic) by 7 months of confinement in our UAE embassy.

We followed his story last year, giving a voice to his partner (during his imprisonment), and then listening to him in direct connection from a room. This until the Christmas epilogue: taking on a penalty for having done nothing and covered in physical and moral scars, Andrea was finally able to return to his family...

It was not the first case and - as long as being Italian (citizens or "subjects" if you prefer) does not represent protection with a minimum wage guarantee - it will not be the last.

We meet him tonight at 21.30, 6 months after returning home. Not only because we have followed his story with pain, but because Andrea Costantino could be anyone among us. And in that case, we wonder… can we hope for justice?

See you there!