Tonight at 21.00 pm "Ukraine-Russia: War, Law and National Interests"


The conflict in Ukraine for over 6 months has disintegrated certainties politically correct according to which the risk of a major and direct war (and not by proxy!) between states was remote. To this, since we send weapons to one side, we add Italy's involvement in the conflict, so much so that the inevitable economic consequences clearly weigh on everyone.

From a country of trainers and virologists, we have all become strategists and experts in the military world.

Four (real) generals have recently published their analyzes, assessments and inevitably "concerns" about the ongoing war.

Tonight at 21.00 we meet the authors of the book "Ukraine-Russia: War, Law and National Interests" to have a technical and authoritative point of view on what happens less than 700 kilometers from the national border, at home, in Europe and finally globally.

See you there!

Photo: MoD Russian Federation