Tonight at 21.00 SINGLE USE: "M60 Patton, the armored warrior of the Cold War"


Developed by the United States as the latest successor to a successful series of tanks, the M60 has been a major pillar of the conventional balance of forces in Europe between NATO and the Warsaw Pact for decades.

Developed in 4 main versions and a myriad of sub variants, the wagon has never been employed in the role for which it was intended but, on the contrary, has had and continues to have a profitable career in different areas of the Third World where it is distinguished in numerous conflicts, some of which have made history.

Although they have passed 63 years since its entry into service, thanks to the continue updates, the M60 continues to be an important and versatile weapon system, and it is easy to predict that it will continue to travel the length and breadth of battlefields for years to come.

Tonight at 21.00pm we look forward to seeing you for a new episode of "Single Use" (Facebook and Youtube channels of the newspaper), the column dedicated to weapon systems, to learn (and debate) with Andrea Gaspardo the genesis, commercial success, operational history and little known aspects of a Cold War icon.

See you there!

Photo: US Army