Tonight at 21.00 pm SINGLE USE: "The Italian wings of South Africa"


Despite having formed the stage for some of the greatest battles that took place on the African continent from the Second World War to today, the "South African Border War" is today one of the least studied conflicts in contemporary history. Even less well known is the fact that the backbone of the South African Air Force (SAAF) was made up of Italian aircraft that were able to distinguish themselves in the course of the complicated events of the conflict, earning the respect of both South African pilots and mechanics as well as their enemies. to the communist forces.

Retracing that tortuous series of events, many of which have never been analyzed before in Italy, we will explore together with Andrea Gaspardo, in this new episode of Single use, the career of Italian-made aircraft that were able to distinguish themselves in that remote and inhospitable part of the world.

See you there!

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