Tonight at 21.00 SINGLE USE "F-4 Phantom II, the mainstay of the Iranian Air Force"


Dozens of books and documentaries have been produced over the decades regarding the F-4's operational career Phantom II in the Air Forces of the United States and the State of Israel. However, very little has been produced regarding the equally rich use that the St Louis twin-engine aircraft had in the ranks of the Air Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In this episode of Single use, with Andrea Gaspardo, for the first time in Italy we will pierce the veil that still hovers over one of the most exotic pages of the F-4's career.

We will analyze the operational requirement that convinced the Iranian leadership to opt for the purchase of the mighty American twin-engine aircraft, the weapons systems, the operational use during the grueling war against Iraq and the modern developments and upgrades of recent years, without forget the men who carried him into battle against overwhelming enemy forces.