Tonight at 21.00 "Defense scandal: four months after the start of the war still supercazzole?"

(To Andrea Cucco)

While the Minister of Defense is engaged in political or facade shifts, the armed forces try to do the impossible to save the skin of their soldiers.

How? With "combat exercises marked by maximum realism" o "training operations in high intensity scenarios" (EMS releases, no joke !!!) and 90 year old or armored hand grenades from peacekeeping. The mortars make shooting schools with half the shots with which the conscripts did them, the soldiers do not train yet (and even if they want they could not ...) to combat in urban areas. Just to give some minimal examples ...

Why, in the case of real employment, will we have to see our soldiers fall like flies? To make the Italian very much useless blame it on too many ministers?

We will discuss it tonight at 21.00 pm in a new episode of Difesa ON AIR (Defense Online Facebook and YouTube channels).

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Photo: Ministry of Defense