Tonight at 21.00pm: "What are the rules (and crimes) in a War?"

(To Staff)

It may seem strange but even the toughest and most merciless war has its rules. Going beyond them is a crime. The limits are defined by international law.

What are the general principles?

What and what are War Crimes?

Does the ongoing conflict already testify to too many?

The role of the International Criminal Court?

Do the media have responsibility?

Why can't NATO intervene at the moment?

We hear that citizens who make Molotov cocktails are "heroes" ... Is it correct to celebrate such actions?

Is it always and unquestionably a crime to hit hospitals, schools, power plants?

Tonight at 21.00 pm, in a new episode of Difesa ON AIR (Defense Online Facebook or YouTube channels), we will talk about international humanitarian law in armed conflicts, Alias right to war. We will do it together with an expert on the subject, the lawyer. Marco Valerio Verni.

Participate, as always, with your questions!