This evening at 21.00 "Kosovo: surprised?"


Forty-one soldiers of the KFOR mission (including 11 Italians) were injured in yesterday's clashes with Serbian demonstrators in Zvecan, in northern Kosovo.

The elections of 23 April, boycotted by the Serbs, recorded a turnout of just 3,4%, bringing local communities (98% of them Serbs), mayors and ethnic Albanian officials to the government.

The country had therefore been despoiled for over a month and for days the Serbian president Vucic, after the umpteenth post-electoral tensions, had (across the border) ordered the army into a state of "maximum alert"...

Wasn't it clear enough what was to happen?

Isn't it clear enough what's going to happen?

How did we arrive at today's situation?

Is there room for a peaceful solution or, beyond the do-good thoughts of our politicians, will the reality of Kosovar hatred only lead to more violence and casualties?

We discuss it tonight at 21.00 together with the general Giuseppe Morabito, an officer with a long experience in the Balkan area and a lecturer at the UBT University of Kosovo for 8 years.

See you there!