This evening at 21.00 pm "Italy: challenges or bad luck on the horizon?"

(To Andrea Cucco)

The world is moving towards a new order, and organizations such as the United Nations are increasingly demonstrating contradictions and ineffectiveness in quelling growing global tensions. Less than a century after the previous world war, it will not be the former victors who will rewrite the rules in a few years, but probably the new emerging actors. This seems inevitable.

Meanwhile, all countries that aspire to future political clout are accelerating preparations for a potential military confrontation.

It's Italy?

The operational capacity and effectiveness of its army are of concern: it lacks an adequate armored component, the personnel are insufficient, poorly trained and poorly employed. These problems are just the beginning.

There are serious problems related to the recruitment, training and maintenance of a workforce prepared for real conflict scenarios. Furthermore, public opinion is often poorly or poorly informed: there has been talk for years about creating one "Defense Culture", but the reality is that information is often censored. Doing the same things over and over again expecting different results is, as we know, folly!

Most of all, it lacks conviction. Calling a population "nation" that is unmotivated, divided and increasingly distant from its political class does not help to find the unity necessary to face the colossal test to which it will inevitably be subjected.

Are there "challenges" or "bad luck" ahead of us?

The character and tenacity of the Italians are beyond question, but will they have to hear the saying once again "Luck, not Valor" to finally understand that arriving unprepared for a crucial appointment cannot be attributed to bad luck?

We will ask, this evening at 21.00pm, to the generals Giorgio Battisti e Giuseppe Morabito.

We are waiting for you (along with your questions!)

Photo: US Navy