Tonight at 21.00 pm ON AIR Defense "War in Ukraine: from Pyrrhic's victories to Putin's?"


The outcome of the ongoing conflict is in the opinion of many unavoidable. However, the variable seems to be the price for some time.

Tens of thousands of casualties, an entire market at the mercy of Chinese conditions and "investments", the elimination in a few hours of a consensus and a transversal European estimate built over decades ...

Whatever happens, we are witnessing a change in the world order.

But what is the situation on the ground today?

What will be the epilogue of the conflict?

If it was a "trap", who organized it?

Is this the start of World War III or just the premise?

We will address the aforementioned and other questions tonight at 21.00 pm in a new episode of Difesa ON AIR (Defense Online Facebook and YouTube channels), together with a general and our editors.

Participate, as always, with your questions!