What are the cyber security services for SMEs in Italy?

(To Alessandro Rugolo, Danilo Mancinone)

In other articles we have already treated of SOC (Security Operation Center) defining it as a complex organizational unit, consisting of processes, tools and people, generally centralized, which is responsible for identifying, managing and remedying IT security problems.

Currently, SOCs are supported by NOCs (Network Operations Centers) and IOCs (Infrastructure Operations Centers) or similar structures that integrate the three aspects in a single organization to better position themselves on the "global market", directing efforts on developments related to the threat. cyber intelligence.

But what are the cyber security services?

How can you understand if we need cyber security services?

Are there any professional figures that should be present within companies?

What are the most frequent problems in managing a cyber security problem in SMEs?

We will try to answer these and other questions on Wednesday 19 May 2021 at 21.00 pm in a new episode live of Defense ON AIR.

They will be present with us Enrico DellùCEO Twenty hundred, Marco Rottigni, CTSO EMEA at Qualys, Carlo Mauceli, CTO Microsoft Italy, Simone Rapizzi CTO of Whetu.