Today at 19.00 ON AIR Defense "Is it a fault to be Italian ?: appeal to the president Giorgia Meloni"


Arrested in front of his wife and young daughter, without the formulation of an accusation, with hearings regularly postponed, he spent 15 months in UAE prisons in inhumane conditions.

Andrew Constantine, thanks to an intervention by President Mattarella, he was able to leave captivity, but is still stuck in the United Arab Emirates.

After nearly two years of excruciating distance from his loved ones, he asks the new government to be allowed to end his torture.

Connecting we will listen live his story and his appeal to the Prime Minister.

Constantine he is not the first to be abused by foreign authorities. We are confident in a decisive change of course on the Italian side, so that it will be the last.

We invite you to follow his entire story and ask any questions you want.