Today at 18.00 "Ukraine: what happens and what will happen?"


We are in the twelfth month of war in Ukraine. The situation on the ground appears substantially frozen by the climate and by a stalemate that has been going on for months.

Behind the lines, everything is being prepared except for a premature peace. Despite public statements…

Are we close to an unpredictable escalation?

What will be the next Russian or Ukrainian offensives?

Is the supply of Western tanks by Kiev really indispensable?

Why is the diplomatic action of the UN and the EU in this conflict almost null and in any case ineffective?

Meanwhile in Africa rebellions and Russian flags are rampant...

We'll talk about it today at 18.00 pm in a new episode of Difesa ON AIR together with the general George Battisti.

See you there!

Photo: Heer (German Army)