Today at 14.00 pm Single Use: "The long flight of the MiG-25"


Developed to deal with a threat that never materialized, the Mig-25 may not have had the technology of its NATO adversaries, but it made up for that shortcoming with incredible performance.

In this new installment of Single use we will explore together with Andrea Gaspardo, our geopolitical analyst and weapon systems expert, the story of the Mikoyan-Gurevich Mig-25 "Foxbat", from its origins to the last missions in the ranks of the air forces of the countries that have used it both in peace and in war. An exceptional story that involves designers, pilots, dictators, spies and deserters all united by the fact that they crossed their destinies with that of an aircraft that changed the history of air warfare and finally became part of the legend.

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