Today at 14.00 pm new episode of SINGLE USE "Cabrini Class: the fast ships of the raiders"


In today's episode of SINGLE USE, the Online Defense series dedicated to weapon systems, we will deal with "special" ships: the UNPAV extension (High Speed ​​Multifunctional Naval Unit).

Made to support the special operations of the GOI (Incursori Operating Group), they have very high performance to allow operators to carry out their very particular work in the best possible way and safely.

These "Ferraris" of the sea have expanded the capabilities of the COMSUBIN?

Who wanted them?

What are the services (disclosable ...)?

We will find out today at 14.00 pm with Tiziano Ciocchetti, our manager of the "Military World" area, live on the social channels (Facebook and YouTube) of Online Defense.

We look forward to meeting your questions!

Photo: Marina Military