Today at 14.00 pm "Carro C1 Ariete: the Scandal explained to the next Minister of Defense"


Presented in Monte Romano in 1987, the wagon C1 Ram it already appeared obsolete by the standards of the time.

It entered service in 1998 and has never been updated. To date, of 200, no more than 30 are operational.

Now the Defense intends to start a "half life" (!!!) upgrade program for 125 Ram. That program there it will cost almost 1 billion euros and will only end in 2035.

Will the next government also indulge the squandering of public funds planned for a totally useless wagon?

Will the next Minister of Defense also want to insert Italian soldiers into vehicles that, even updated, will be totally inadequate to face any real war scenario?

Even when filming on social media there will be videos with fellow countrymen on fire fleeing from vehicles that will not have protected them in the least ... the Italians will not ask themselves any questions?

We will discuss it today at 14.00 pm together with Tiziano Ciocchetti, the head of the "military world" area of ​​the newspaper, in a new episode of Single use (Defense Online Facebook and YouTube social channels).

We look forward to seeing you, the next minister and undersecretaries included!

Photo: US Army