Today at 11.00 new series on Weapon Systems: "FGM-148 Javelin"

(To Andrea Cucco)

Today we inaugurate a new series of insights into weapon systems. We will try to tell them all, over time, trying to understand their history, development, cost and effectiveness in today's battlefields.

In Italy talking about weapons is something delicate and absolutely "politically incorrect". We support it in the light of what (NOT) told for decades by defense ministers - and their staff - committed not to disturb too much the delicate little eyes and ears of fragile voters, rather than facing with respect the solid intelligence and understanding of their fellow citizens.

Let's start from "Javelin", the US counter-tank system that was immediately shown among the first military supplies to the Ukrainians.

A protagonist of the ongoing conflict?

We will ask today at 11.00 pm to Andrea Gaspardo, our analyst and weapon systems expert.

Follow us and participate with your ability, wit and above all spirit! Who best will respond to the final question, will be appointed new "Minister of Defense" in the next episode ...

Photo: US Army