Vespucci ship parked in Livorno

(To Marina Militare)

The training ship Amerigo Vespucci from 25 to 30 June will stop in Livorno where he will board the cadets of the first class of the Naval Academy.

The "most beautiful ship in the world", as defined by many, after the usual winter break for maintenance and general improvement of the structures and after the stops in the city of Taranto for the celebrations of the "Marina Day", in Catania and in Cagliari, resumes navigation to complete the first phase of the 2019 Education Campaign. This concludes the training of the voluntary students in fixed four-year fixed (VFP4) of the Officers' School of La Maddalena. During the stopover in Livorno, the boarding of the official students of the first class of the Naval Academy will take place, for the start of the second phase of the 2019 Education Campaign.

 During the period on board the 101 official students, including 28 women, together with a rate of 20 Foreign students, coming from over 10 foreign countries, will be engaged in numerous educational and training activities in the field of maritime disciplines and ethical training -militate, in order to make the values ​​of fidelity, discipline and a sense of duty and to acquire the importance of teamwork, which characterizes every sailor in fulfilling the tasks of the armed force at the service of the community, thus acquiring the so-called "baptism of the sea".

 In Livorno, the 25 June, theAmerigo Vespucci will make a brief trip to the sea for the children of the "Ridolina" Association of the Santa Chiara Hospital in Pisa. Later, during the week, the students of the 1ª class of the Naval Academy will embark, who, during the three months of navigation, will have the opportunity to sail in the Atlantic Ocean, touching Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea.

After the stop in Livorno, the Lady of the Seas will set sail for Lisbon in Portugal, starting the training activities on board for the cadets of the Naval Academy. During stops abroad, ship Amerigo Vespucci represents the values ​​and history of the Navy, and shows itself as one of the excellences of our country.

During the stop the training ship Amerigo Vespucci, moored at the Capitaneria pier - South of the port of Livorno, will be open to visits on board in favor of the population on the following days and times:

- Wednesday 26 June: from 17.00 to 20.30 hours;

- Thursday 27 June: from 17.00 to 20.30 hours;

- Friday 28 June: from 10.30 to 12.30 hours;

- Saturday 29 June: from 16.00 to 20.30.


L'Amerigo Vespucci

The ship was designed like the "twin" Christopher Columbus, by Francesco Rotundi, engineer and lieutenant colonel of the Genio Navale, and director of the shipyards of Castellammare di Stabia.

The 22 February 1931 (88 years ago) the ship was launched in Castellammare di Stabia Amerigo Vespucci, still in service for the training of the official students of the Academy of Livorno.

Vespucci has made 2014 to 2016 modernize the on-board operational capabilities and above all, adapting logistics accommodation to modern standards. The propulsion and power generating equipment have been completely replaced by technologically advanced products; The unit has been equipped with a new propeller and new platform systems, more efficient and rigorously oriented to protecting the environment.

The important "rejuvenation" and "re-styling" activity of Vespucci was coordinated by the Works and Services Management, and in particular by the Studies Section of the MM Arsenal in La Spezia, with an important contribution from the "in house" workforce. by the arsenal workers, and by the crew.

Since its entry into service, the Ship has carried out training activities every year (with the exception of the 1940, due to the war events, and of the years 1964, 1973 and 1997, for extraordinary works), mainly in favor of the students of the Naval Academy, but also of the volunteer students in fixed prefix and of the students of the Naval College, now Military Naval School "Francesco Morosini".

From the technical-constructive point of view theAmerigo Vespucci is a Sailboat with engine; from the point of view of the sailing equipment it is "armed with a ship", therefore with three vertical masts, foremast, midship and mizzen, equipped with spars and square sails, plus the bowsprit in the bow, to all effects a fourth mast. The Unit is also equipped with cutting sails: the bows, at the bows, between the bowsprit and the foremast, the stays, between the foremast and mistress and between mistress and mizzen, and the mainsail, equipped with boom and peak, on the mizzen.

The crew consists of approximately 280 military men and women. In the summer period, the ship embarks the volunteer students in prefixed first stop, and subsequently the cadets of the Naval Academy for the usual Education Campaign, increasing the crew of others around 130 units thus arriving at full capacity to over 400 people on board .

The ship school Amerigo Vespucci is UNICEF Ambassador since September 2007.