Modeling & Simulation on May 5th and 6th in Rome


The first edition of the Modeling & Simulation for Autonomous Systems Workshop (MESAS'5) will take place on 6 and 14 May at the Hotel Ergife in Rome.

The event, entirely conceived and organized by the NATO Modeling & Simulation Center of Excellence (NATO M&S COE) with the support of the VI Department C4 and Transformation of the General Staff of Defense aims to address the issue of integration of remote systems in the operational area.

In this context, technological development is leading to a rapid transformation: from remote-controlled systems, with all the functions managed by man, to systems with autonomous capabilities, where some of the functions are delegated to intelligent on-board algorithms.

In this context, Modeling & Simulation plays a fundamental role in verifying the possibility of integrating these new intelligent robotic systems in operational scenarios. During the work of MESAS'14 numerous problems relating to the operational use of systems with autonomous capabilities will be addressed: from the interaction aspects to the legal ones, the training of humans in their use, the self-learning of robotic systems of smart guy.

MESAS'14, the world's first event dedicated to a cutting-edge theme of scientific research in the field of simulation and automation applied to operational contexts, already in its preparatory phase, has aroused considerable interest in the international scientific community.

Also with this activity, NATO M&S COE aims to assume a leading role in the coordination between the operational components, the scientific community and the industrial realities involved. The activities of NATO M&S COE place Italy at the forefront in the future development of the industry's doctrine and technology.

Note: MESAS'14, upon registration, is an event open to the public and the press. The methods of access and more information are available on the website:

Source: SMD