Wednesday 8 June at 21.00 pm "Hypersonic missiles: at what point is the catch-up on game changers?"


Last year, on February 24 (...), thanks to General Pasquale Preziosa, former Chief of Staff of the Air Force, we had made an in-depth study on real "game changers": hypersonic missiles.

On February 24 of this year, with the start of the war in Ukraine, we saw them in action: on the battlefield and as international deterrence.

The general, in particular, had warned about the delay accumulated against Russia and China in the hypersonic assets and the relative countermeasures already at the time (from statements) available to the Russian president.

What has changed after 16 months?

Did the US manage to bridge the gap?

What were the effects on the battlefield?

Will Italy and Europe, as usual, start asset management programs available when obsolete or late?

What technologies can be deployed for contrast?

We will ask General Preziosa again, Wednesday 8 June at 21.00 pm, in the next episode of Difesa ON AIR (Difesa Online Facebook and YouTube channels).

See you there!

Photo: Russian Federation MoD