Wednesday 7 at 21.00: "War and peace in Putin's time", interview with Marco Bertolini


"The explosion of the crisis in Ukraine in this terrible 2022, although preceded by obvious signs that nevertheless did not have the strength to make their way into our distracted public opinion and even less into our demeaning political class, suddenly made us fall out of the pan of an interminable medical psychosis in the embers of a frightening war prospect that undermines certainties that we thought were timeless. "

With these words Marco Bertolini begins his analysis of the ongoing conflict in his latest book "War and Peace in Putin's Time - Genesis of the Ukrainian Conflict and New International Balances".

The gaze of one of the most famous, appreciated and provocative generals of recent decades does not only turn to the east. At stake is the here and now, that is an Italy that (tradition) presents itself to yet another appointment in history unprepared and without effective solutions or strategies.

We will ask General Bertolini for an assessment of the current situation and - excluding propaganda - of the potential developments of the war.

We are waiting for you Wednesday 7 September at 21.00 pm (along with your questions) on the Difesa Online social channels (Facebook and YouTube).

Photo: MoD Russian Federation