Wednesday 22 at 21.00: "Discovering the secret services, intelligence and other amenities"


Whether we like it or not, whether we admit it or not, the war in Ukraine was triggered by mistakes (and traps...) by various intelligence agencies. Since last year, therefore, it has been clear that among the tasks of the secret services there are not only those to which we are accustomed and which we all know perfectly.

Wait a minute... do we really know them?

What are they?

Are certain politicians right who take the chair and talk about them - promoting them - forgetting the tiny detail that the Italians are not the Israelis?

Who controls the work and efficiency of the "Information system for the security of the Republic" (formally and de facto)?

But above all... why do the "de noantri" services seem more secretive than the foreign ones?

Wednesday 22 March at 21.00, in a new episode of ON AIR defense, together with a first guest (of many who will follow over time), we begin a journey to discover a vital world for those who have or - like Italy... - one day will really have national interests back to defend.

See you there!

photo: US Secret Service