Wednesday 19 April at 21.00 "Unmanned Aircraft and Modern Operations: Was the War in Ukraine an Eye Opener?"


The use of Remotely Piloted Aircraft (also known as Drones, UAVs, Suicide Drones, Loitering Ammunition, etc.) in even symmetrical operations had been theorized for several decades now.

NATO operations in Afghanistan, such as those conducted by Russian forces in Syria and Libya, or the events that took place in Nagorno Karabakh had demonstrated their considerable military potential, highlighting the effectiveness of their massive use also as a real weapon system autonomous and not only as a support platform for classic weapon systems.

Despite this, as often happens in the "disruptive innovation" sector, i trends they have not been understood in their deepest sense and what has happened since February 24, 2022 should not come as a surprise.

Wednesday 19th April at 21.00pm, Thanks to Army Study Center, we will try to analyze what happened and highlight what should be done not to make the same mistakes.

See you there!

Photo: Twitter